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PROJECT: New Authoritative DNS servers coming in 2024


This page explains our fairly large project to move away from 'BIND' and our 'in-house' software over to 'Power DNS'


Our Authoritative DNS servers are and These are used in the following situations:

  • Running DNS for domain names we host for customers
  • Running as extra secondary DNS servers (slaves) where our customer runs their own, primary, DNS server(s)
  • Reverse DNS
  • Delegating Reverse DNS zones to customer's own DNS servers

We are working towards having the new servers live during September 2024

Customer Impact

Below lists the scenarios we perform as DNS servers and how our change will impact our customers.

Where we are a slave


Some customers run their own primary DNS server(s) and our '' is a slave server.


  1. Secondary Automation
    Historically we have supported this configuration automatically where the master is a customer's A&A IP address. This hasn't always been successful and has required staff intervention in some cases.
    This automation will change:
    • Automation will be disabled on a set date: June 17th 2024
    • After June 17th, customers needing us to make a change to how we slave from their master will need to email in to
    • A new user interface will be created on the Control Pages to allow managing of Domains and their Master IP addresses, but this will not be live until we are fully moved over to the new PowerDNS servers which is likely to be during September 2024
  2. IP addresses
    • The IP address we use for our servers will change
      This may need customers to update their firewall or ACL configuration to allow our additional IP addresses - these IPs will be announced nearer the time in s separate status post.

Where we host the DNS for your domain

  • No impact is expected
  • A new User Interface for managing DNS will be introduced on our Control Pages.

Reverse DNS

  • No impact is expected

Reverse DNS delegation

  • No impact is expected