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DNS Servers ' '
Customer Facing Resolvers "2001:8b0::2020
2001:8b0::2021" These 2 servers are caching DNS servers - typically used on your TCP/IP settings.
Customer Facing Resolvers (Legacy) "" These 2 servers are caching DNS servers - typically used on your legacy TCP/IP settings.
Internet Facing Resolvers "" These serve the DNS for domains that we host. You'd only need to know these if we host the DNS for your domain, but the domain is registered with another company
Internet Facing Resolvers "" Primarily used for reverse DNS records + delegation. You probably don't need to use these directly.
Email servers
Outgoing There are 3 machines in the outgoing email server pool. These are used to send email. (Auth/SSL/TLS/ports 25&587)
Webmail "http://mail.your-domain
or" There are a few webmail clients you can choose from, 'Squirrel Mail' being the default, but 'RoundCube' is a pretty alternative. (C server)
POP3 & IMAP4 Use this in your email clients to collect email by POP3 or IMAP. (tls/ssl/ports 143&993)
Backup relay This is a backup relay that will queue and resend email. It doesn't accept spam-looking connections/messages.
Username full email address Use your full email address as the username, password set via Domain Management
Webpage Hosting
FTP Host www.your-domain The web server is which can be used if DNS hasn't propagated yet etc. More
Username your-domain Use the domain name that you are wanting to upload to, eg Password set within the DNS settings for your domain via Domain Management
Proxy" Our VoIP server. More
Username yournumber Use the phone number assigned to you as the user name. via Telephony Management
Time Server
NTP Use this to set your clock by NTP
IPv6 Tunnel End Point For incoming and outgoing. More
Pingable Address
Bottomless This is the PPP endpoint for ADSL customers, and can be used as an IP address to ping to check the service - eg Can be used in FireBrick profiles..
Bottomless (IPv6) 2001:8b0:0:81::51bb:51bb IPv6 address of Bottomless.
Other Servers you may see
Clueless Core Database Management. Username is your ADSL login More
Priceless Accounts (billing) administration. Username is your Account Number (AnnnnA) More
Thankless Email ticketing system. Email us
Spamless These servers (6 at the moment) perform spam scanning on email
IP Blocks Used By AAISP Servers