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* Setting a special feature on AAISP and the FireBrick - ''''IP over LCP'''' - this sends the IP traffic as control frames. (high latency goes away). This IPoLCP is a niche feature and has been used in the past to help diagnose problems in back-haul networks: eg:
* '''Changing the DSCP value''' - only packets marked CS6 (192 to 195) are affected. Using values higher or lower and the latency goes away
*'''Getting the FireBrick 2900 to stripset the DSCP field to 0''' - this feature hasn't beenwas added to the alpha release of FireBrick. on 8th December 2021
=== Things that were not tried ===
*Migrating the line to BT back-haul - this would have fixed the problem for the customer, but would not have fixed the problem in the TalkTalk network or the Aruba access point. Being engineers - we like to fix problems!
*Changing the DSCP setting on the Aruba Instant-On Access Points - there is no setting, the DSCP field is being set automatically.
*Getting the FireBrick 2900 to strip the DSCP field - this feature hasn't been added to the FireBrick. ...yet.
== Further tests ==