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VoIP Phones - GS Wave Lite

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Grandstream Wave Lite


AKA. "GS Wave Lite", or "GS Wave" on the home screen icon (Play store app id "com.grandstream.wave").. not to be confused with "GS Wave" (Play Store app id "com.grandstream.ucm") a separate app, also by Grandstream, on the store!

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Go to the settings cog in the bottom right. Click the + icon in the top right:
GS Lite Configuration 1.jpg

Select "SIP Account" on the "Add New Account" screen:
GS Lite Configuration 2.jpg

Fill in the details simialr to shown below (making sure to use your own telephone number and password for each of the fields!):
GS Lite Configuration 3.jpg

Save the account. After a brief moment of showing red, the dot should turn green to show you are registered with
GS Lite Configuration 4.jpg

At this point the AAISP control pages will show GS Wave as registered if you check:
Control pages showing GS Wave registered.png

Calls should work!:
GS Lite Configuration 5.jpg