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Configuring a Siemens Gigaset phone for AAISP

Feature Notes
Supports 302 Redirect No
Tested on FireBrick SIP Server Yes
IPv6 Support No

These notes are the same for configuring an S685IP, A580IP and N300A too.

Update to new firmware here https://gigaset.atlassian.net/wiki/display/GPPPO/N510+IP+PRO+Release+notes+42.192

If there are problems in setting up the base station it is easiest to start from a factory reset condition. This can be achieved by holding the blue button on the front of the base unit while power cycling it. After this the handset will need to be re-registered with the base unit (hold the blue button on the base unit while power cycling the handset). The pin should be changed from its default value of 0000 using the handset.

Starting from a factory reset, the following items need to be set using the web server in the base unit.

IP address

By default the base unit picks up an IP address using DHCP. This can be over-ridden by connecting to "Settings -> IP Configuration", selecting "Static" and filling in the address details as required. Then click on the "Set" button. By default, the device only allows access to it's web interface from the local subnet.

N300 and Voiceless

(Same on the S685IP / A580IP / N300A)

click to view settings

On the web interface, go to:

Settings -> Telephony -> Edit 1, Show Advanced Settings
Gigaset N300 Settings
Setting Value
Connection Name or Number AAISP (Or whatever you like)
Authentication Name Your Number (+44...)
Authentication Password Your Password
Username Your Number (+44...)
Domain voiceless.aa.net.uk
Proxy Server Address blank
Registration server voiceless.aa.net.uk
Registration refresh time 180

Then you'll need to assign this account to a handset for incoming calls, this is set under

Settings -> Telephony -> Number Assignment
Number Assignment

Don't forget to secure the base station with a new PIN (default is 0000):

Settings -> Management -> Miscellaneous -> New Pin

Audio settings

In menu:

Settings -> Telephony -> Audio" select "Voice Quality -> Own Codec preference". 

For "IP1" (Or whatever you call the AAISP account) remove all codecs except "G.711 a law". This setting will generally give the best audio quality.

Other settings

If there are problems with recognition of DTMF tones by other systems consider setting "RFC2833" and avoid using "Audio". in the setting:

Settings -> Telephony -> Advanced Settings -> RFC2833

Check that the Number Plan/Assignment is set to use the VoIP rather than the fixed (pstn) line:

Settings - Number Assignment Set the VoIP for outgoing, and set the others to suit...

It may not say the above and Automatic negotiation of DTMF transmission will need to be Yes

Set the Tone Pattern to be UK:

Settings -> Management -> Local Settings -> Tone Pattern=United Kingdom

You may want to remove, or edit, the 'Info Services' - this is the information such as weather and so in that can be displayed on the screen:

Settings - Info Services

New Firmware available

Sometimes you may see a 'New Firmware available' message on the screen of the handset.

eg, Version 42.263 (422630000000 / V42.00) became available in March 2023

What Version is it running at the moment?

To view the version you are running, log in to the Base Station's web interface, and go to Status -> Device

How to upgrade when you have the message 'New Firmware available' :

  • Press the Envelope button under the screen.
    • Screen will say 'Start download?'
    • Click the button under 'Yes'
    • Enter your pin - this is the same PIN that you'd use to access the Base Station's web interface. (default: 0000)
    • Screen will say 'Firmware update in progress...'
  • The base station will install the upgrade - will take about a minute
  • The base station will reboot - will take a few minutes
    • During this stage, the handset will say 'No Base'... wait a little while...
  • The handset will connect to the Base once the Base is back up and running

Manual Upgrade

On a handset you can try to upgrade manually:

  1. Menu  » Settings  » System  » Update Firmware.
  2. Enter base station system PIN (default setting: 0000).
  3. Press the display key "Yes" to start the download.


We have seen odd things with a S685IP (Firmware version: 022270000000 / 043.00) where it would register, but not pass calls. A reboot of the base station fixed this.

(This has also possibly been seen on an N300A IP, and again a reboot seemed to clear it. The symptoms were call state stuck in "183 Session Progress", and the caller neither being connected nor getting a ring tone. Possibly triggered by some earlier testing involving calls from an incoming number that also appeared on the "also ring" list. - Tc424 (talk) 21:43, 31 May 2023 (BST))

Firewall & Security

  • You will also want to set up firewall rules, as per the VoIP Firewall page.
  • Also see the VoIP Security page for information about securing your VoIP service.

syslog from the Gigaset N510

Some syslog options are available, eg, on the N510 you can navigate to syslog.html on the web ui. This isn't linked to from the main UI so is probably an unsupported feature.