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Vodaphone Suresignal

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Occasionally we get questions from customers about their Vodafone suresignal devices not working. Typically this is when the broadband service has just been moved over to us. The device was working previously, but since the change in broadband provider it has stopped working.

This page is probably also relevant to devices used by other carriers, e.g.:

  • Vodafone's Suresignal
  • O2's Boost Box
  • TMobile's Signal Box
  • etc.

Here are some notes to help get it working again.

It may work tomorrow!

The carrier may unblock the device automatically after 24 hours, so waiting a while may be the fix!

The change in IP address being used may have caused the mobile carrier to block the device

  • This may be due to the carrier needing to keep a record of IPs and postcodes where the device is being used as they use radio frequencies that are controlled by OFCOM and require this data to be tracked.
  • Contacting the Carrier's support team and saying the IP has changed and ask them to check if it has been barred.
  • This may be done via the specific technical support team at the carrier who deal with the Boost Box / Sure Signal. (In Vodafone, maybe the "TRaC Team" is who you want
  • Some suggest posting in the Vodafone online forum gives fast results. If you do this include the serial number of the device as well as your public IP address

If the geo-location of the IP is not in the UK (which should not be the case for AAISP IP addresses) then the device may be blocked.

A change in the MTU size may have broke it

(Less likely) The device may be using a 1500 MTU size with df (don't fragment) set. If your new broadband service is using an MTU of 1492, then changing it to use 1500 may help.