ASUS RT-AC68U Intial Setup

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ASUS-RT-AC68U Initial Setup

Initial setup is completely painless: after connecting the Openreach VDSL modem to the WAN port, the quick setup utility works out of the box, detects PPPoE automatically and requests the user/password setting. This is followed by WLAN parameters and a suggested firmware upgrade, then everything is set.

By default IPv6 support is switched off, but it can be easily enabled in the web interface.

In firmware version the "native" IPv6 setting (using the PPP option) didn't quite work out. It automatically obtained my allocated /64 prefix alright and distributed it to my LAN, but had no default IPv6 gateway set. You can verify this in "System Log/IPv6".

Setting the IPv6 connection type to Static IPv6 solves the problem. The individual settings on the IPv6 page that worked are:

  • Connection type: Static IPv6
  • Interface: PPP
  • WAN IPv6 Address: 2001:8b0:1111:1111:0:ffff:nnnn:nnnn (nnnn:nnnn is your static IPv4 address in hex)
  • WAN prefix length: 128
  • WAN IPv6 Gateway: fe80::xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx
  • (The gateway address can be found in the main system log: look for
  • "remote LL address" in one of the pppd log entries.)
  • LAN IPv6 address: [your /64 prefix followed by ::1]
  • LAN prefix length: 64
  • Auto Configuration Setting: Stateless
  • DNS servers: 2001:8b0::2020 / 2001:8b0::2021
  • Enable Router Advertisement: Enable