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Bonding for resilience

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Ethernet with FTTC/ADSL fallback

Any customers with our Ethernet internet access service can have any of our standard DSL services as a fallback. This can have the same IP addresses**.

The IP blocks on your line are routed via one of the IP addresses on a /29 for the Ethernet. We will constantly ARP for this address, and if it stops responding we will stop the routes for any other blocks via that address within out internal network giving the DSL line priority for those addresses. This allows fall-back to DSL within a few seconds.

When your router starts answering ARPs again (presumably the router, or fibre being fixed) routing will return to Ethernet.

Packets are accepted on up-link on broadband from your IPs at all times in this case, and our usual monitoring and text/email alerts apply to the broadband line so you know it is ready when you need it.

Mixing BT & TT lines

AAISP BT lines, TalkTalk Wholesale lines can all be used for bonding, and gives even greater resilience in the case of a fault in BT or a fault in TT.

Bonding FTTC Circuits

FTTC lines can be bonded in exactly the same way. We'd suggest using a FireBrick 2700 and can assist with the configuration. It is also possible to mix FTTC and ADSL for fallback.


Our office::1 product is a package that includes a FireBrick and multiple lines all configured for you and supported and monitored by staff.


Our L2TP serivice allows backup using tunnels via any alternative internet access for the same IPs. Please let us know if this is of interest to you.


We can offer 3G/4G data services with full 1500 byte MTU and routed blocks of IPv4 addresses (and tunneled IPv6). The FireBrick FB2900 can be used to automatically fall back to 3G/4G with a suitable dongle and one of our data SIMs.