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DGA0122 Dual LAN Subnets

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Dual LAN Subnets

Desired outcome: You want the router to have a main NAT's IP block and allocate IPs by DHCP to your LAN, but you want an additional public subnet which you can use on specific devices on your LAN that you configure manually.

Prerequesits: The router would be in a state where it is configured initially without the public block of IPs - ie, it's has the private IPs on the LAN. Then, the IP block can be allocated to your line and some manual configuration can be applied to the router as follows:

System Menu
Setup your Gateway button
Routed Subnet tab
Routed Subnet settings

  1. Go to gateway tile / System Info (top left)
  2. Click 'Configuration' and then click 'setup your gateway'
  3. Click 'Advanced', then click the 'Routed Subnet' tab
  4. Here set:
    1. Firewall setting
    2. disable 'In Range WAN IP'
    3. Set the the Gateway Address to be the first usable IP in your block
    4. Select the correct subnet mask
    5. Click Save
  5. you should now be able to statically configure the IP address settings on your devices using the IPs available in your block.


  • DHCP will use the private IPs, it's not possible to change it.
  • Sending a config from the A&A control pages will overwite these changes.