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DGA0122 Reset

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To reset the Technicolor DGA0122 or DWA0120 back to default settings:

  1. Hold in reset button, keep held in...
    1. All the lights will light up
    2. The lights will then turn off one by one
    3. All the lights will all start flashing
  2. Release the reset button
  3. The router will reboot

(If the above doesn't reset it, then switch the router off, turn it back on, wait a couple of minutes for it to boot up, then try the steps above again.)

Once reset, it will still have the AAISP default PPP login and TR069 server details, and so will be able to re-configure itself for your line.

If wanted, you can remove the AAISP TR069 settings: DGA0122 Remove tr069.