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Email on Android

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This page is here to help you configure your A&A E-mail address on an Android phone

Default applications will not work

To use an A&A email address on android you need to use a third party app; Google/G-mail, in their infinite wisdom do not allow you to change the settings that you need to for it to work. Below is a list of apps, as of writing (2017-09-26) do in fact support A&A e-mail addresses:

All of these applications were tested and confirmed working on the following devices:

  • Sony Xperia ZX, android version 7.1.1, 2017-08-01 security patch
  • Samsung Galaxy A5, android version 5.0.2

Blue mail Configuration

select "add another account"
select "other email"
enter the email address and password of your account, then UNCHECK "automatic"
select "IMAP"
fill in the details as shown then click next
fill in the details as shown then click next
fill in these fields with anything you want then click done