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Email on Evolution

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Evolution welcome screen


These notes are based on Evolution version 3.22.x (January 2018)

A new install of Evolution will start by offering to setup your email program via a wizard, you can also reach this wizard by going to File - New - Mail Account

IMAP Settings
SMTP Settings
  1. Click Next
  2. If not restorring from backup, click Next.
  3. Enter in your details (Name, email etc.)
    1. Untick the "Look up mail server details"
    2. Click Next
  4. Enter in the server details manually:
    1. Type: IMAP (or POP3 if you prefer)
    2. Server:
    3. Port 993
    4. Username: your full email address
    5. Encryption method: TLS on a dedicated port
    6. Click Next
  5. Default options should be ok, click Next
  6. Sending email settings:
    1. Server Type: SMTP
    2. Server:
    3. Port: 587 or 25
    4. Tick Server requires authentication
    5. Encryption: STARTTLS after connecting
    6. Username: your full email address
    7. Click Next
  7. Click Next
  8. Click Apply

You will then be asked for your mailbox password and then your email will be loaded.