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Email on IPhone (SMTP)

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Assuming you have set up your mailbox on your iPhone, you may be able to receive email ok, but have problems in sending. This is because AAISP email server will only let you send email if you are connected via an AAISP internet connection. If you are not (e.g. using Orange/o2 3g on your phone) then you'll need to use 'SMTP Authentication'

Go to:

  • Settings
    • Mail Contacts and Calendars
      • Pick your mail account
        • Go down to Outgoing Mail Server, and tap it

The settings should be as follows

  • Host Name:
  • Username: (your email address)
  • Password: your mailbox password
  • SSL/TLS/STARTTLS: (should be on)
  • Authentication: Password
  • Server port: 587