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Encrypted Emails

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AAISP have various systems that send customers emails for various things - e.g. invoices, line up/down notifications, support tickets and many more.

Some systems are able to email customers encrypted (PGP) emails, this page will explain which systems these are and how to set it up.

Why encrypted emails?

An encrypted email helps in a number of ways:

  • Only the intended recipient is able to read the content of the email and any attachments
  • You are able to verify that we were the original sender of the message

Even if you don't opt in to receive encrypted emails, our systems will try to use TLS when sending email on to your email service provider - this is similar technology to https websites and when our servers talk to your email provider's servers that communication is encrypted.

General information

Here is some general information about the way emails are encrypted:

  • When adding your public key we don't mind what UIDs, emails, or trust there is set in it, as long as not expired or revoked.
  • The principle is typically - load a key into the 'system' and we will use it.
  • We will use PGP/MIME to email you by default, this may show better in your email client. Otherwise there will be an option to disable this and we'll send in plain text that uses in-line PGP encryption, however any attachments will not be encrypted
  • There are a few ways to export your public key, e.g. from the command line: gpg --armor --export your@email.address


Accounts (Billing) System

This is the billing system, the system that will send out invoices, order confirmations, direct debit information.

  1. Log in to the billing system:
  2. Click 'Update contact' at the top
  3. Paste in your public key
  4. We will email you an email for confirmation (the email will be encrypted)
  5. Click the link in the email
  6. The Accounts system will now send you encrypted emails.

When changing your detail, if the email address or key is being changed then we'll also email the previous contact (using any previous encryption) to advise of the change as well

Email Ticketing System

  • Status: Work in progress

You may email accounts@, sales@, support@ etc. and encrypt your emails and staff will be able to decrypt and read your email. Due to the way that the ticketing system currently works the reply may not be encrypted.

General notifications

  • Status: Work in progress

We have systems that will email you automatically for various reasons, e.g. order progress updates, line up/down notifications etc. These are currently not encrypted.