FireBrick 2700 Replace PSU

From AAISP Support Site

Sometimes, the PSU inside the FireBrick 2700 does fail. And you have to replace it...

FB2700 Case with Top Screws.JPG
  1. Remove all the screw from the top of the case
    FB2700 Case without Top Screws.JPG
  2. Remove the lid
    FB2700 Case with Top Removed.JPG
  3. Flip the FireBrick over and remove both the screws from the front of the case
  4. Remove the front fascia
  5. Remove the old PSU from the case
    FB2700 PSU Pulled from Case.JPG
  6. Unplug the green power cable from the PCB
    FB2700 PSU removed from Case.JPG
  7. Connect the green power cable from the new PSU to the PCB (now we're just going backwards over the same steps)
  8. Put the new PSU in its correct position in the FireBrick case
  9. Put the front fascia back in place and screw it in
  10. Put the top cover back on and replace all the screws