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Syslog setup

On a CentOS machine take these steps to get the FB to log to /var/log/local0

Server Side

  • Enable syslog to receive messages from the network:
    • in /etc/sysconfig/syslog, add -r to SYSLOGD_OPTIONS
  • Set up a syslog facility:
    • in /etc/syslog.conf add local0.* -/var/log/local0
  • Set up logrotate to process the log file (not essential, but useful):
    • in /etc/logrotate.d/syslog add /var/log/local? to the first line of files

restart syslog service


There are various syslog 'server' programs that will receive the syslog messages from the FireBrick and display/log it. One such program is available from

FireBrick Side

You can do this via the web User Interface under:

Config -> Edit -> Setup -> Add (under Log target controls)

Via the XML editor, add/edit the syslog line as follows:

   <log name="Syslog">
      <syslog server="ip.of.your.server" severity="NOTICE" facility="LOCAL0"/>

You can set the severity to log more (e.g. set to DEBUG), but then you'll get a log line every second! See the Docs for more info.

If you then tail /var/log/local0 you'll see log messages