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Software updates for the FireBrick are free, they are available from: FireBrick - Click your product on the left (e.g. 'FB2700') and then 'Software Updates' on the right. By default only factory releases are shown. Click 'All Releases' to view alpha and beta.

Auto Updates

The 2500/2700 will by default update itself for new factory releases.


Auto update is controlled in the <system... /> settings. The default (i.e., with no sw-update value set, is to update to the latest factory software. Other settings are:

  • false Do no auto load
  • factory Load factory releases
  • beta Load beta test releases
  • alpha Load test releases

Example: Disable auto-updates


  <system name="My FireBrick" contact="Bob" sw-update="false" comment="Disabling auto updates"/>

Example: Enable Beta software updates overnight only

updating the software will reboot the FireBrick, and will mean a short amount of down time. A FireBrick reboots in less than 1 second, but then may take a few more seconds to bring up PPPoE. You can set a time profile, in which updates will only be applied, for example:

  <system name="My FireBrick" contact="Bob" sw-update="beta" sw-update-profile="night"/>
  <profile name="night" comment="Profile for updates overnight only">
    <time start="01:00:00" stop="05:00:00"/>

This will only update software (level beta) between 1am and 5am on any day.

You can test the status of a profile, e.g. from telnet (using 'uptime' and 'show profiles':

My FireBrick> uptime
Version: FB2700 Inigo+ (V0.02.051 2011-02-18T20:24:43)
Uptime 01:53:44
Current time: 21st Feb 2011 11:13:26

My FireBrick> show profiles
updates              INACTIVE outside time profile

As you can see, it's currently 11:13, and the time profile is inactive.

Update Logging

Here are log line resulting in an Auto update:

Feb 25 01:00:10 983C7 V0.02.051 DNS lookup:
Feb 25 01:00:11 032C7 V0.02.051 Automatic software upgrade to alpha release V0.02.055
Feb 25 01:00:11 032C7 V0.02.051 DNS lookup:
Feb 25 01:00:11 110C7 V0.02.051 Release note:
Feb 25 01:00:11 110C7 V0.02.051 Fix to loader that was stopping 054 load. Fixed.
Feb 25 01:00:11 110C7 V0.02.051
Feb 25 01:00:11 168C7 V0.02.051 Downloading 532478 bytes
Feb 25 01:00:12 667C7 V0.02.051 Downloaded 532478 bytes
Feb 25 01:00:12 667C7 V0.02.051 Installing new code
Feb 25 01:00:12 878C7 V0.02.051 Software image FB2700 Inigo+ (V0.02.055 2011-02-24T15:18:54)
Feb 25 01:00:12 879C7 V0.02.051 Erasing flash blocks 76 to 80
Feb 25 01:00:17 030C7 V0.02.051 Flashing 532578 bytes to blocks 76 to 80
Feb 25 01:00:20 944C7 V0.02.051 FB2700 Inigo+ (V0.02.055 2011-02-24T15:18:54) flashed to blocks 76-80 (532578 bytes)
Feb 25 01:00:21 288C2 V0.02.051 Shutting down
Feb 25 01:00:21 289C2 V0.02.051 Clean shutdown
Feb 25 01:00:21 368C5 V0.02.051 PPPoE 0  shutdown
Feb 25 01:00:21 369C7 V0.02.051 PPPoE 0  Tx C021:LCP 05 00 0004 TermReq
Feb 25 01:00:21 369C7 V0.02.051 PPPoE 0  PADT requested
Feb 25 01:00:21 388C7 V0.02.051 PPPoE unknown session C9A9
Feb 25 01:00:23 290C2 V0.02.051 Shutdown complete, rebooting
Feb 25 01:00:23 836C2 V0.02.051 OS_ExecuteImage: Preparing to execute image FB2700 Inigo+ (V0.02.055 2011-02-24T15:18:54)
Feb 25 01:00:23 852C2 V0.02.051 Booting Image FB2700 Inigo+ (V0.02.055 2011-02-24T15:18:54) from flash block 76
Jan  1 00:00:00 489C5 V0.02.055 PPPoE 0 ??? created 1/0
Jan  1 00:00:00 496C5 V0.02.055 Config loaded OK

It then brought up the PPP again, and set it's clock...

Bootloader Info

The bootloader isn't updated automatically by the FireBrick - it's just the software - this is by design.

The bootloader seldom changes.

You can manually upgrade the bootloader if you like - but unless there are new features that are useful, then there is often no need.

The bootloader version does get updated with each software release, even if there are no actual changes. The release notes will say if there are changes to the bootloader though.