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IPsec Juniper

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An example of using preshared keys to a Juniper firewall.

This is very simple and in practice it just worked. The Juniper needs to be configured for IKEv2, and the FireBrick just needs the following IPSec entries:

  • local-ip - The FireBrick's public IP
  • peer-ips - the Juniper's public IP
  • routes - What IPs to route down the IPsec tunnel
  • auth-method - secret
  • secret - the preshared key
  • mode - Immediate"

Example FireBrick config

  <ipsec-ike log="ipsec" log-error="ipsec" comment="toJuniper">
     <connection name="toJuniper" local-ip="FireBrick.IP.Address" peer-ips="JUNIPER.IP.ADDRESS" graph="JuniperIPsec" routes="IPs.TO.ROUTE" log="ipsec" log-error="ipsec" auth-method="Secret" secret=PASSPHRASE" mode="Immediate" blackhole="true"/>

You'll then want to adjust firewall rules accordingly.