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L2TP Client: Linux

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Linux / xl2tpd

  1. Ensure the following kernel options are set or the corresponding modules are available:
    2. CONFIG_L2TP
  2. Install xl2tpd and pppd on your Linux router.
  3. Edit /etc/xl2tpd/xl2tpd.conf to contain the following:
    [lac aaisp]
    lns =
    require authentication = no
    pppoptfile = /etc/ppp/options.aaisp
  4. Create /etc/ppp/options.aaisp containing the following (obviously change the name and password to match your L2TP login details):
    name xyz@a.X
    password Your_xyz@A.X_password
  5. Create the xl2tpd control file:
    mkdir -p /var/run/xl2tpd
    touch /var/run/xl2tpd/l2tp-control
  6. Start the xl2tpd service (for systemd, use service command for older RC systems):
    systemctl start xl2tpd
  7. Tell the daemon to connect to aaisp:
    echo "c aaisp" > /var/run/xl2tpd/l2tp-control

This should give you a new PPP device which encapsulates the L2TP connection.


Logs are written /var/log/daemon.log If you see "No such tunnel", you might want to try restarting the daemon