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Line State Colours

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Line colours are based on the last cause code reported by RADIUS which depends on whether the line is on-line or off line and why.

The cause codes are defined by the standard (RFC2866) and do not always fit all circumstances.

Logged in Line is logged in, no error
User Request PPP restart or termination from far end, or L2TP session close from far end. This means either that your router ended the PPP session cleanly (e.g.for a reboot), or that the wholesale provider terminated the session as part of maintenance work. Appears as UserRequest in e-mails.
Lost Carrier LCP echo timeout. The session has remained up, but LCP packets aren't getting through - this usually means that the line is down. Appears as LostCarrier in e-mails.
Lost Service L2TP session close with specific message indicating loss of sync. Appears as LostService in e-mails.
Idle Timeout Used to indicate a lost session, e.g. NAS crash.
Session Timeout Session timeout reached (normally after one hour on a blocked login)
Admin Reset Manual or remote session or tunnel termination
Admin Reboot LNS reboot or other RADIUS accounting issue
Port Error L2TP relay failure, or L2TP tunnel level close
NAS Error Any unknown internal error in LNS including no negotiation slots (too busy)
NAS Request Session steering (directed to different LNS)
NAS Reboot Not used
Port Unneeded Try another response on RADIUS (steering)
Port Pre-empted Same login twice. As login is based on circuit ID this is not normally seen.
Port Suspended Line dropped because of an attack
Service Unavailable RADIUS timeout
Callback Not used
User Error Any sort of PPP negotiation failure, or an authentication failure and also some L2TP negotiation errors
Host Request Not used
Blocked Line is logged in but blocked due to bad password or blocked login - check the password in your router, then contact support for help.
Invalid Line not valid (not installed, or is ceased)