PSTN Diagnostics

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  • Available where AAISP provide the PSTN line. This may cause the line to drop sync and reconnect.

Click to Access the Control Pages

Accessing This Feature

Access is via the Control Pages as follows:

  1. Log in to the Control Pages with your xxx@a login
  2. Click on the line you want to run the test on
  3. Click on the 'Run PSTN Test' button, and follow the instructions from there



This runs a CIDT Test (Copper Integrated Demand Test) on the PSTN line and will report any problems it finds along with suggestions.

If the result includes 'FaultReportAdvised:Y' then please contact support, as a fault may need to be submitted to Openreach.

Example output

WLR3Test WLR3_CIDT_Test rds089a006:240448742: Fail FAULT - Dis in exchange ServiceLevel:2, MainFaultLocation:FU, FaultReportAdvised:Y, 
AppointmentRequired:N, LineStability:, NetworkStability:, StabilityStatement:

This actually shows a fault, 'Disconnect in exchange'. It is suggesting a fault is to be reported (contact support), but that no appointment is required to be made at the End user premises (as the fault is located at the exchange). However, running the test a little while later gave:

WLR3Test WLR3_CIDT_Test rds089a006:240514264: 
Pass Line Test OK. Dial tone OK ServiceLevel:2, MainFaultLocation:OK, FaultReportAdvised:N, AppointmentRequired:N, LineStability:Stable, 
NetworkStability:Stable, StabilityStatement:Stable - no adverse line test history. CP may request an Engineer visit to investigate, test and demonstrate with the EU. 
Routine test & fault data available at Customer Diagnostic Tool on INFORMe under MIS>Artisan>CDT. 
If no fault is found clear RWT and apply Time Related Charges.

This is suggesting that there is no fault...

If a fault is Fault Report is Advised it is a good idea to run the test again with equipment unplugged from the line. If the results suggest a fault at the Customer Equipment then try removing the NTE faceplate which will remove any internal wiring and see if it still says there is a fault.

Fault Locations are as follows

  • CA Fault located at Customer Apparatus
  • DT Diagnostic test required to establish fault
  • EX Fault located in Exchange
  • LN Fault Located in Local Network
  • CE Fault located at Customer Equipment. Provides further breakdown of a CA fault
  • FU Fault Located at Frames Unit. Provides further breakdown of an EX fault.

Contacting support

Our Support team are happy to raise PSTN faults if the PSTN is with us.

If 'AppointmentRequired' is 'N' on the returned result, then our Support team can raise this fault as a non-appointed task for you. It is best to ensure that all pre-checks have been completed (eliminating equipment) before raising this to us. Any faults that end up being within the customers curtilage can result in fees.

You can find a list of our PSTN checks here.