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Peering and Transit are the terms used to describe the pipes or connections that we have with the rest of the Internet. Good peering and transit connections means lower 'hops' on your traceroutes and lower ping times.

Direct interconnect

Where viable, we have direct interconnect with some networks


We have multiple connections in to both the two main peering networks in the UK: LINX and LONAP.

Through these peering networks we get fast, reliable and low latency access to many of the other big networks. The main content and game providers are on these peering networks and most of our traffic will be transferred over these.

We look out for new companies to peer with and make sure that we are peering with popular game and content providers where ever possible. For example, we peer with companies such as Twitch, Blizzard, Riot Games, Valve and others.


Where we can't peer directly, we use Transit. Again, we have multiple transit providers in multiple locations. These transit providers have huge global networks.


As mentioned, we're happy to peer with other companies wherever possible.