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Use this guide if you have a subnet of addresses that you want to use internally and you want your own server managing the firewall, and the router just passing everything through.

This assumes you have a have 3 sets of addresses:

  1. A /29 or /28 subnet that you want to route to your firewall server, lets say
  2. A /30 subnet used for the router and firewall server, lets call them, the router has and your firewall has
  3. A single IP address for the router ADSL link (allocated by PPP)

First set the router up as normal on the GUI, selecting ADSL expert and on subnet type the independent router IP. This should deal with your /30 and single IP now working. I personally set the firewall to disabled and turned off all services including the wifi.

Telnet/ssh to your router

You need to do 2 things, add routing for the subnet to your firewall and add a mapping so that incoming connections work. (obviously substitute your own addresses here)

ip rtadd dst= gateway= static=enabled
nat mapadd intf=Internet type=nat outside_addr= inside_addr=