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The TG582n supports 802.11b, g, and n with a single radio instance on 2.4 GHz. However its maximum speed on 802.11n appears to be 65Mbit/s, which isn't much of an improvement over 802.11g.

Disable WiFi (Wireless)

Via HTTP interface - Home Network - WLAN - Configure - untick WLAN Enable, click Apply

You can also press the WiFi button on the router to enable/disable the WiFi in the same way. Note that if you have configured multiple SSIDs (as per the next section) then the WiFi button on the router only enables/disables the first of the SSIDs (i.e. ssid_id = 0).

Adding extra SSIDs

The router only has one WiFi radio instance, but it is possible to configure up to 4 SSIDs on that radio instance. This can be useful in a number of scenarios:

  • One has a single device which can only do WEP authentication, and one doesn't want to allow WEP for all devices
  • One wishes to provide guest access, but the guests shouldn't have access to one's LAN
  • One wishes to easily switch a WiFi client between two (or more) configurations

See for instructions. Note that the any option controls broadcasting of the SSID.

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