Secondary DNS

From AAISP Support Site

This information is out of date, please see:

We will have new systems in place for managing Secondary DNS.

If you are running your own DNS, you will need a secondary. You can use which is configured to try and automatically secondary any new domain from an AAISP allocated IP address that a customer uses.

Using our secondary name server is normally automatic if you are using BIND-8/9. To make it pick up a domain automatically you have to change the top level delegation to list your name server and, and then have bind send a notify from your primary. Our name server checks the delegation first and then adds the zone, loading from your primary servers IP. If you later change the IP of your primary, then the old IP must return that it is not authoritative in order to clear the zone allowing it to reload from the new primary. If you encounter any difficulties, please contact technical support, who can make changes manually if necessary.