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==Private Messages==
It is often better to send a private message to a membemember of staff rather than posting your details to the main channel where everyone can read it. You can send someone a Private message by clicking on their name and selecting message:
[[File:IRC-PrivateMessage.png|none|frame|Click a person to Message them]]
This will open a'tab' where you can talk directly with that person. If someone sends you a PM, a tab will appear on your side. You can then switch between the Private Message tab (AA-Shaun) and the main Channel (#A&A)
[[File:IRC-PrivateMEssageTab.png|none|frame|You then have Tabs]]
When you get a new Private Message a number will appear next to that persons name in the tab, eg:
[[File:IRC-PrivateMessageNotification.png|none|frame|New Private Message]]
If you use the web client a lot, then you may wish to enable 'Desktop Notifications' if your browser supports it. This is a setting found under the 'cog' icon on the top/right.

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