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Internet Relay Chat (irc) is a simple on-line live chat system. It allows text messages to be posted and read in channels. There is a chat channel for A&A customers which can be very useful for getting advice and contacting support staff in or out of normal hours.
==Server Details:==
Server: irc.z.je
Channel: #A&A
Web -based client:
Pick a nickname, and then click Start. You will then be in the main IRC Channel with all the other staff and customers. At this point you may ask for staff or simply ask a question to whole channel.
Staff generally have names starting '''AA-'''. It helps to say 'tech staff', 'sales staff' etc. if you need sales, support or accounts as well.
==Private Messages==
[[File:IRC-PrivateMEssageTab.png|none|frame|You then have Tabs]]
When you get a new Private Message a number will appear next to that persons name in the tab, ege.g.:
[[File:IRC-PrivateMessageNotification.png|none|frame|New Private Message]]


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