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CHAOS is our API - it's still work in progress, and further features will be added. We'll add to this section of the wiki with examples.
==CHAOS Version 1==
Version version 1 is still available for use, but we suggest that you update your systems to use version 2.
==CHAOS Version 2==
Other (3rd party) uses of CHAOS:
* and: blog entry:
CHAOS is an application interface (API) for machine to machine interaction with our control and ordering systems. It provides a means to perform the following key operations:-
==Getting CQM Graphs==
*Access information about an existing service
*Adjust settings on an existing service
*Obtain usage data relating to an existing service
*Order a cease of an existing service
*Order a change to an existing service
*Check availability of new services
*Order a new service, including creating a new account
The control systems cover a wide range of services, including broadband, ethernet, telephony, domains, email, mobile SIMs, and so on. Whilst CHAOS may initially not provide access to all of these services, it is intended to be a general platform that can be extended over time to provide a comprehensive machine to machine interface to all of our services.
===Furhter Information===
==Getting CQM Graphs==
We have a page on the control pages which you can use to get the Graphs related to a login:

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