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CHAOS is our API - it's still work in progress, and further features will be added.

CHAOS Version 1


Version 1 is no longer available for use. Use version 2 instead.

CHAOS Version 2.x

CHAOS is an application interface (API) for machine to machine interaction with our control and ordering systems. It provides a means to perform the following key operations:-

  • Access information about an existing service, eg your remaining quota
  • Adjust settings on an existing service
  • Obtain usage data relating to an existing service
  • Obtain sync rates of a DSL line
  • Obtain VoIP call rate card
  • Order a cease of an existing service
  • Order a change to an existing service
  • Check availability of new services
  • Order a new service, including creating a new account
  • etc.

The control systems cover a wide range of services, including broadband, ethernet, telephony, domains, email, mobile SIMs, and so on.

Whilst CHAOS may initially not provide access to all of these services, it is intended to be a general platform that can be extended over time to provide a comprehensive machine to machine interface to all of our services.

Further Information



Here are some projects that are using the CHAOS API:

  • Munin Plugin by Nat Morris
    • Code on Github, Example
    • Just need to provide one account & password, it will automatically graph multiple lines and produce combined graphs etc.
  • MQTT Service by Nat Morris