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Logging in to Control pages

The Control pages are hosted on a machine called 'Clueless', you can Log in here


Features of the Control Pages

There are lots of buttons and settings available on the control pages. Not all features are available on all types of lines. The links below in the 'Pages in category "Control Pages"' sections will list the pages we have, but as a quick run through the kind of things that broadband customers can do on the control pages include:

  • View CQM Graphs - to see loss/latency and usage
  • View usage data, upload and download per month/day/hour etc.
  • Run Line Diagnostics tests on the broadband or PSTN side, e.g. sync status tests, copper line tests and PSTN tests if the phone line is with us
  • Run Automatic Line Testing on your line, i.e. run status tests at regular intervals or when the line drops - useful for fault finding.
  • Change Line Options and Line Settings such as the ADSL Line Profile, interleaving settings and so on
  • Run a traffic dump to capture the traffic actually happening on the line - useful to help see what is happening on your line
  • CHAOS our API
  • and more...

Pages in category 'Control Pages'

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