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Quota on Bonded/Multi-line Home::1 Lines
==Quota on Bonded/Multi-line Home::1 Lines==
The Home::1 tariff is usually for a single line, but we do allow multiple lines on a Home::1 tariff which means that traffic and be bonded to increase the throughput (speed) and increase resilience.
*Multiple lines on Home::1 lines need to be on the same login (eg example@a)
Multiple lines on Home::1 are set to Auto Bill - this will allow balancing to work. The monthly quota is only applied to Line 1, and automatic balancing will ensure that the additional lines are automatically topped up as needed from the quota on line 1. In other words, the monthly quota (e.g. 200G) is set on Line one, and then shared across the other line(s).
*They will all be given a different line number (eg example@a.1, example@a.2 etc).
*Each line needs its own Quota, these can be different amounts. (Previously we had allowed a line to have zero quote, but this has changed)
*Automatic quota balancing will ensure that the total quota is automatically shared as needed
QuotaWhilst iseach calculated per-line, buthas sharedits betweenown allquota, lines inwhenever a bondedline in the set. Thereruns out of quota there is a process called "balancing", which takes the total quota for the bonded set, and splits it equally between the lines in the set.
When your quota is reset at the beginning of each month, the balancing process runs; if you have 2 lines and 100GB quota, each line will get 50GB quota assigned.
Whenever a line in the set runs out of quota, balancing is run again to take quota from lines that haven't yet run out and pass it to the lines that have run out.
From a user's perspective, this means that you don't get auto topped-up until you have completely run out of quota across your set of lines. However, there can be confusing states where (e.g.) you have a total of 25GB quota left, shown to you as line 1 having 20GB quota and line 2 having 5GB quota. Don't panic; when the line with 5GB quota runs out of quota completely, balancing will kick in and adjust the situation.

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