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|The line speed will be capped, the speed depends on the tariff. For 100GB users the slow mode will now be around 330kbit/s and for 200GB users it will be around 660kbit/s. The idea is that at that speed you could not use the whole of the coming month's quote even flat out. Usage during this time will come out of next month's quota.
|You can top up from the Control Pages (see belowabove)
==Quota on Bonded/Multi-line Home::1 Lines==
The Home::1 tariff is usually for a single line, but we do allow multiple lines on a Home::1 tariff which means that traffic andcan be bonded to increase the throughput (speed) and increase resilience.
*Multiple lines on Home::1 lines need to be on the same login (eg example@a)

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