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Streaming UHD 4K Video

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Check your internet connection: Typo. Clarified colours of CQM
*Look on the Control Pages for the 'Rate' of your line:
**[[File:Control-pages-rate.png|500px|thumb|none|Rate is the download speed of your line]]
**You're needingneed the Rate to be around 25M or more (some UHD may only need around 17M or so)
*Check our CQM graphs on the control pages:
**Your graph should look nice aand clean - no red pixels indicating packet loss, notno blue or bright green latency spikes. Whilst streaming you'll see the download shown. For example:
**[[File:Cqm-4k.png|700px|thumb|none|Streaming 4k shown on the CQM graphs]]
**Our Support staff can help you understand your graph, do get in touch

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