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Streaming UHD 4K Video

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=More Information=
==About UHD 4K video streaming==
Many people enjoy watching movies and shows through online streaming services such as Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, Vimeo, BBC iPlayer, iTunes etc. There are lots of services to choose from and most charge a monthly subscription, usually offering their Ultraultra Highhigh Definitiondefinition quality versions for a slightly higher fee.
Typically, 4K UHD video has a resolution of 3840x2160,. you'llYou will need a compatible Television/television or player.
Different content providers will have their own requirements as to whatfor hardware and software are required, as well as differing minimum speed requirementsrequirement offor your Internet connection.
Typically, UHD 4K video will require a minimum of 25Mbit/s, however, some providers are encoding their video streams in different ways (e.g. using Variablevariable bit rate as apposedopposed to constant bit rate) meaning that lowerminimum speed speedsrequirements are requiredlower - perhaps around 17Mbit/s. (inIn 2018), the requirement for Netflix 4K UHD tends to bewas around 17Mbit/s,. otherOther services, such as BBC, Amazon etc. may well be higher, even up to 35Mbit/s.
During the 2018 football World cupCup, the [ BBC suggestsuggested] that 40Mbit/s speed iswas required for their 4K streams at 50 frames per second. See

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