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VoIP Phones - Grandstream HT8xx

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Mention the option "Replace Beginning '+' with 00 in Caller ID"
* Also under ''FXS Port'' are some options regarding Hook Flash. This corresponds to what the UK calls ''Timed Break Recall''. I set the option ''Enable Hook Flash'' to ''No'' - otherwise you can think you've hung up on a call by tapping the hook switch but you haven't (and your phones ring to remind you - so you pick the handset up and find the other party is confused too).
You can set up distinctive ring tones based on the calling number, and it even allows matching on part of a number. I use '020836xxxxx' to match calls from a number of exchanges on the northern edge of London (which is where your author lives). You can't match a E.164 number (+442036xxxxx) directly but under ''FXS Port'' is an option ''Replace Beginning '+' with 00 in Caller ID'' which changes +4420... into 004420... which can be matched.
==IPv6 Only==

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