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VoIP Firewall

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Mention SIP Keep-Alives
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Allowing appropriate SIP and RTP packets through a firewall is the key to reliable VoIP communication. This isIt whatmay webe suggestpossible firewallto achieve reliability using SIP Keep-wiseAlive packets (every 120 seconds or so) and relying on phones using UDP hole punching for VoIPthe audio channel, but firewall rules are more certain to customers:work.
This is what we suggest firewall-wise for VoIP customers:
Avoid using NAT where possible. However, some NAT gateways provide an adequate SIP ALG (e.g. Technicolor TG582), and some devices provide NAT that works with the new call server (e.g. FireBrick FB2700 and many simple NAT routers). If NAT works, then well done, but if not we cannot guarantee to be able to make it work.

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