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VoIP Firewall

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Explain the options when using NAT, as ALGs are notoriously error prone
This is what we suggest firewall-wise for VoIP customers:
Avoid using NAT where possible. HoweverIf using NAT, somethe options are to tell the phone what its public IP address is (either by explicit configuration, or by specifying a STUN server to use - e.g. ''''), or to use a SIP Application Layer Gateway to rewrite SIP packets on the fly. Some NAT gateways provide an adequate SIP ALG (e.g. Technicolor TG582), and some devices provide NAT that works with the new call server (e.g. FireBrick FB2700 and many simple NAT routers). If NAT works, then well done, but if not we cannot guarantee to be able to make it work.
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