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For example, if your domain is, then the URL would be
==Login page:==
:[[File:Email-webmail-login.png|none|400px|thumb|Webmail Login Page]]
By using webmail, you are connecting to your email by using IMAP - this means that your email stays on the server, and can then be seen by your usual email program.
If your usual email program uses POP3 then that usually means that your email program downloads email from our servers and they are then removed from the server - in this case the only email that you'll see on webmail would be emails that havnhaven't yet been seen by your email program.
We would suggest that you use IMAP on all your email programs, this way all your folders and emails will be seen by all your email programs and webmail.
To limit spam/abuse, there are a few limitations:
*A limit on the number of recipients per email (100)
*A limit on the number of times you can send the same message per login session (10) - a 'Failed to send message.' message will apearappear if this happens
*A limit on sending message (20 seconds between sending)
Using Squirrelmail should be self-explanatory, however there are some (brief) instruction on the [ SquirrelMail website].
==Help with Other Email Features:==
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