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TalkTalk Service page on our main website

Here is a general FAQ regarding our TalkTalk Wholesale Service, if you are migrating over to TalkTalk then also see:

How is the AAISP TalkTalk Wholesale service different to TalkTalk Retail?

It's very different! Just as BT Retail's DSL service is quite different to our BT Wholesale service!.

  • We have multiple interconnects direct in to TalkTalk's Wholesale network
  • Your router PPP connection terminates directly on our equipment in the same way as our BE Wholesale and BT Wholesale service does.
  • Any filtering/shaping that TalkTalk Retail do is not applied to us.
  • We have direct TalkTalk account managers and their escalation Teams
  • We still do our normal CQM monitoring graphs
  • We (and customers) have full access to change the Line Profile, there is no DLM. (more info)
  • Our own staff use our TT Wholesale service in their homes

Also see this page: Difference between backhaul carriers on our main website

Rate Limiting & Filtering

We hear stories about TalkTalk retail performing rate limiting and filtering on their service, however this is not the case with our TalkTalk Wholesale service. We don't filter ports or web pages with our other services, the TalkTalk Wholesale service is the same. We have multiple links to TalkTalk and as always our aim is not to be the bottleneck. As with our other services, if there is congestion deep within the wholesale networks of our suppliers, then we will pursue that with them to get it resolved.

TalkTalk Retail lines may well have DPI (Deep Packet Inspection), and filtering/logging of URLs etc., but We have been told by TalkTalk (2013-01-22): "traffic for our Layer 2 resellers such as yourselves does not go near our DPI systems but is directed straight to your interconnect"

Can I bond multiple TalkTalk Wholesale lines?

Yes, Lines with us whether TT, BT or BE can be bonded together. We have customers doing this.

Samknows says my Exchange doesn't have TalkTalk, but AAISP says it does

We have seen occasions where Samknows [1] does not list TalkTalk as being enabled on an exchange, but our line checker says it is available.

In these cases, it is quite possible that Samknows is out of date.

Does TalkTalk Wholesale run DLM?

Yes, and no - It is an option, but we have chosen not to chose it. Instead we have manual control over the Line Profile. Customers can change this from the Control pages.

The change only takes a minute, the line will resync. The profile can then be changed again if/when required. More on: TalkTalk Wholesale Line Profiles

How can I further improve resilience?

We offer 3G fallback, where by you have a SIM, and possibly a dongle and other hardware from us, then the 3G SIM will be used for fallback. Contact Sales for more information. We can also provide multiple lines, and these can be a mix of TalkTalk Wholesale and BT Wholesale for greater separation.

Miscellaneous FAQ's

Billion Bipac 5200 and 1524 MTU

The old Billion Bipac 5200 routers that we used to supply apparently try to negotiate a 1524 byte MTU by default on TTW lines. We think we never saw this before because BT filter it.

Even setting 1500 on the router settings causes this.

The fix is to tick TCP fix and set the MTU to 1500 on Clueless. Apply and PPP kill the line. should fix it.