VMG1312: Parental Controls

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It is possible to block access to specific services or websites based on schedules within the VMG1312:

  • Log into the ZyXEL Router. You can typically do this at using the credentials on the card underneath the router. The username will be admin.
  • Select a device you'd like to set controls for and click 'Parental Control'


  • This will bring up the box to specify parental controls. As you can see here, we already have 2 profiles. Click the modify icon (the paper and pencil) to modify this profile


  • Tick Active to activate the profile. Under the 'home network user' dropdown, select the device you'd like to control and hit the '+' icon to add it to the rule list.


  • Adjust the time profile accordingly.


  • You can block specific services. Click 'Add new service' to do so. This is the best way to block everything.


  • From here you can block predefined services or specific ports/port ranges. Hit OK once complete.


  • You are also able to block specific URLs or keywords.