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Call and text charges are invoiced in arrears. The invoice has a line item for each billable number showing total charges. The PDF attachment includes a printable itemised bill for each billable number. The invoice also has an XML attachment which includes the full CDR for all calls so that you can process these automatically. If you do not have XML billing, ask accounts to enable it for you.

Some calls are just incoming to a phone or outgoing from a phone, but it is possible for a call to come in, and ring multiple other numbers, some of which are A&A numbers that ring multiple numbers, etc. In this case a single call can result in multiple CDRs for separate billable numbers. The CDRs log failed calls if they have got as far as actually trying to call a number (i.e. delayed ring group numbers that have not reached the delay time are not logged).

Billable number The CDRs are listed for each billable number. This is either the number of the SIP account or a SIM ICCID. The SIM is used where calls/texts are direct to/from the SIM (SIP2SIM) and no number is assigned.
Call/UID A unique reference for the CDR entry and a group reference for records that relate to the same call
Call date This is the date and time the call started.
Call type Incoming A call to a number that was not diverted or transferred.
Outgoing A call from a number
Relay An incoming call that was diverted or transferred to an outgoing number.
Origin PSTN A call from the telephone network
INTERNET A call from the internet
SIP A call from a registered SIP user
SIM A call from an A&A mobile
SIP2SIM A call from registered SIP2SIM end-point
AA A call resulting from an A&A outbound/relayed call
Destination PSTN A call to the telephone network
INTERNET A call to a SIP endpoint on the internet
SIP A call to a registered SIP user
SIM A call to an A&A mobile
SIP2SIM A call to registered SIP2SIM end-point
AA A call to an A&A number
SPECIAL A call that ended on some special server or announcement
VOICEMAIL A call that ended on the voicemail system
Status The final call status as a SIP code. 200 means answered.
Ring time The total time spent ringing in seconds
Call time The total chargeable call time in seconds
Calling The calling number. This is normally the CLI from the first leg in a chain of calls and passed through. This may be withheld or unavailable or untrusted. Untrusted is any CLI from the INTERNET and is prefixed with a ?
Called The original called number. This is the full phone number from the first incoming leg in the chain of calls.
Dialled For outgoing and relayed calls this is the number as dialled, which may be a short number or local number, etc.
Target For outgoing and relayed calls this is the full number that was actually called (based on dialled)
Cost The price in pence as charged for the call
Calc The way the cost was calculated
Rate The name(s) of the rate(s) used to price the call
Clearing Which end cleared the call
Reason Where we get it, the reason code on the final BYE (e.g. Q.850 cause code)

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