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VoIP - Multple Targets

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One Number, many targets

Incoming call routing is configured on the Control Pages. Call Routing is based on setting the 'Target' - a number can have multiple targets, e.g., can be routed to a SIP phone as well as a mobile, and multiple other numbers. Indeed, you can also register multiple SIP phones against the same number, and calls will go to all the SIP phones that are registered.

There is not a restriction on the number of incoming calls that a number will receive. We will try all available targets, and there are options to go to voicemail etc...

Targets in Detail

A phone number can be given many targets, each target has a delay, so you can control which phones ring first etc.

SIP Phone

Multiple phones on the same number It is possible to register multiple devices using the same number. This is not officially supported, but usually works. When each device registers we record the registration details and direct calls to the registered devices. We aim to send calls to the device from the server to which it last registered, automatically.

If you do want multiple phones to ring for a given number, then it's best to use the 'Also Ring' feature.

The Tag is 4 characters that will be prefixed to the number and shown on your SIP phone display (if it has one)

Your Server

We can route calls to your own SIP server, fill in the details of your server here.

Also Ring

These are up to 10 other numbers that we'll send the call to. They can be other numbers you have with us, or can be any other number. e.g. mobiles, international etc. - any number which you can normally dial from your account. The charge for the call will be the same as if you were dialling the call normally from your account.

Other VoIP Features

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