VoIP How to: Ring a phone during the day, go to voicemail after 30 seconds and voicemail out of hours

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Description of Requirements

  1. Have a single SIP phone number that rings a phone during office hours
  2. if not answered in 30 seconds go to voicemail.
  3. Out of hours go straight to voicemail.

Number Configuration

  1. Log in to the Control Pages with your xxx@a login
  2. Click on the Number
  3. Set a (secure) SIP Password
  4. Click the 'Incoming Tab'
  5. Set Voicemail to 30 seconds (or however long you want)
  6. Set "Format" to be MP3, or whatever file you prefer
  7. Set your email address in the "Email To" box
  8. Leave the 'Out of hours' box empty
  9. Configure the time Profile as follows:
    1. Click "Edit time profiles":
      • Set a profile name of: Office Hours
      • Set Start time to be "09:00:00"
      • Set End time to be "17:00:00"
      • Set Active days to be: "Mon, Tue, Wed, thu, Fri"
      • Click "Add profile"
    2. Ensure the "Profile" is set to "Office Hours"
  10. Click Save

Then... Register your phone to the number, dial 1571 and record your voicemail greeting, otherwise the default will be used.

Test it out!


Ring multiple phones during the day

If you have multiple phones that you want to ring during the day, then you would need a phone number for each of those phones and configure each of your phones to register to thise numbers. Then, instead of registering a single phone to the 'main' number, use the also-ring boxes to add the phones that you want to be rung during the day.

That way:

  • During the day, calls to the main number ring all the phones in the also-ring list
    • if no answer then it goes to voicemail.
  • Out of hours it goes to voicemail.

You may still want to register one of your phones to the main number initially so as to set the voicemail greeting.