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A soft phone for iPhone and Android, more information from www.acrobits.cz


Push notifications note the warning that this sends your account details to Acrobits' Push server. If you don't want this then don't agree and you can only use the app when it's in the foreground. You can still change this setting later on.
New SIP Account Select Generic SIP Account
Username your number in +44 format
Password your password
Domain voiceless.aa.net.uk
Display Name your name
Incoming Calls Default
NAT Traversal Auto
Send Media Back Enabled
STUN server blank
TURN Username blank
TURN Password blank
Ignore Symmetric NAT Disabled
Discover Global IP Internal
Send Keepalives Enabled
Keepalive Period 30
Outbound Proxy Disabled
Proxy blank
Audio Codecs for WiFi Drag everything except G.711 A-law into the Disabled section
Packet Time 20ms
Force Packet Time Disabled
Honor Remote Codecs Disabled
Audio Codecs for 3G Drag everything except G.711 A-law into the Disabled section
Packet Time 30ms
Force Packet Time Disabled
Honor Remote Codecs Disabled
Video codecs for WiFi irrelevant, leave as defaults
Video codecs for 3G irrelevant, leave as defaults
Ringtones whatever
Auth User Name your number in +44 format
Transport Protocol udp
DTMF Mode leave as defaults
Send All Enabled Disabled
Auto Answer off
Expires 600
Number Rewriting leave empty for now
Secure Calls leave as defaults, needs further investigation
Caller ID blank
Caller ID Method From Username
Web Services leave as default blanks
In Hacks
RTP Port Start 16384
RTP Port End 16482
SIP Port 5065
Contact IP:port blank
Authorization Send On Request Enabled
URI Scheme sip:
Escape # Disabled
Header Mismatch Allow Enabled
Nortel Networks Proxy Require Disabled
SRTP Prefer 80-bit Tags Disabled
Use GRUU Disabled
Registration State Reuse Enabled
Adjust Via Disabled
Use rtpmap Disabled
Send in REGISTER Disabled
Tones leave as defaults
*** Save your account settings ***
BACK IN MAIN SETTINGS have a play with all these settings, but note the specific settings below
Preferences / Sound
Echo Suppression Enabled
Noise Suppression Enabled
Preferences / Call Recording AA does this and emails it to you (configure in clueless) but the app can do it too, handy as a backup
Preferences / Controls
Show SMS Tab auto
Preferences / 3G/Wi-Fi Selection Prefer Wi-Fi (also note Line Option setting in clueless which assists with VOIP)