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* * * NOTE: The built in SIP client has been removed in Android version 12


Phone Details

Stock Nexus 4 using the native SIP client. - this will be similar for all Android phones when using the native SIP client. (though the built in SIP client | may be removed in Android 12)


Android VoIP Settings
  • At first, the Android SIP settings can be hard to find! -They are hidden away under the settings menu within the Phone/Call application.
    • Go to:
    • Phone
    • Menu-Settings
    • Scroll down to 'Internet Call Settings'
    • Tap on Accounts, then Add Account.
Android Native VoIP Settings
Setting Value
Username Your Number
Password Your Password
Server voiceless.aa.net.uk
Authentication Username Your Number
Outbound Proxy Leave Blank
Set as primary account If you like...
Receive incoming calls If you like...


  • SIP over IPv6 just works


Tablets tend to not have a telephone app installed by the manufacturer. You'll need to install a SIP Phone app for Android. Popular apps include Zoiper, CSipSimple, and Linphone. If you are used to Grandstream hardware phones, they also have a 'GS Wave' SIP app for Android.

Of the above apps, only Linphone supports IPv6 (as of November 2018).

Firewall & Security

  • Also see the VoIP Security page for information about securing your VoIP service.