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Pbvoipicon.png Here is a quick overview of configuring the FireBrick to register with AAISP, and then setting up the configuration for a phone to then register against the FireBrick to be able to make and receive calls.

Create the General VoIP config

All the VoIP config is under the VoIP icon on the FireBrick, but we've also included xml below in the examples.


<voip comment="AAISP">


Create a Carrier

<carrier name="AAISP" display-name="Office" allow=" 2001:8b0:0:30::5060:0/112 2001:8b0:5060::/48" registrar="voiceless.aa.net.uk" username="+44123456789" password="secret" extn="100" max-calls="2" comment="Office 0123456789"/>


Create a User

Here we restrict access to this account by our LAN IP range - in this case - change this to your LAN block.

On your phone, you'd set up the account using the credentials set here - i.e. the username and password.

<telephone name="myPhone" display-name="Arnold" username="arnold" password="secret" allow="" ddi="+44123456789" extn="100" carrier="AAISP" max-calls="1"/>


Going Further

This is only a short overview of getting a single phone working with a single carrier - there is much more the FireBrick can do with its built in PBX features. See FireBrick SIP Configuration for more details.