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Gigaset 700 and 900 Series



These phones do support single-stack IPv6 as well as single-stack IPv4. We have tested both, and with the IPv6 version there was lag when making calls, e.g., dial a number and there is noticeable lag before it starts talking SIP to set the call up.

Feature Notes
Supports 302 Redirect ?
Tested on FireBrick SIP Server Yes
IPv6 Support Yes (laggy)

Phones and Versions Tested

Gigaset DE900 & 700 Versions Tested
Model Version Notes
DE900 IP PRO DE900_02.00.04 Initiating calls on IPv6 mode is laggy
DE700 IP PRO DE700_02.00.04
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In the Web UI, pop along to: Settings - Telephony - and edit 02.

Gigaset 900 & 700
Setting Value
Connection Name AAISP (Or whatever you like)
Authentication Name Your Number
Authentication Password Your Password
Username Your Number
Domain voiceless.aa.net.uk
Proxy Server Address voiceless.aa.net.uk
Registration server voiceless.aa.net.uk
Rest of the settings Leave as default

Don't forget to set Web passwords etc. to protect the web interface etc.

IPv6 On Gigaset Phones

The firmware tested supports IPv6!


They are only single stack, but they do work. The firmware tested is laggy though, as in dialing a number takes a few seconds before it starts talking SIP to initiate the call.

Firewall & Security

  • You will also want to set up firewall rules, as per the VoIP Firewall page.
  • Also see the VoIP Security page for information about securing your VoIP service.