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Phones and Versions Tested

Linksys Versions tested
Model Version Notes
SPA-941 5.1.8
Feature Notes
Supports 302 Redirect ?
Tested on FireBrick SIP Server Yes
IPv6 Support No


Log in the Web Interface, and go to Admin Login and Advanced. The settings to change from the factory settings would be:

Linksys SPA-941 Ext 1 Settings
Setting Value
Proxy: on
Outbound Proxy: voiceless.aa.net.uk
Use Outbound Proxy: Yes
Registrar voiceless.aa.net.uk
Display Name: Your Name, etc.
User ID: Your Number
Password Your Password
Preferred Codec: G711a
Use Pref Codec Only: Yes

Don't forget to set http://admin passwords etc., so as to secure the web interface from the public.


Firewall & Security

  • You will also want to set up firewall rules, as per the VoIP Firewall page.
  • Also see the VoIP Security page for information about securing your VoIP service.