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The Protalk door entry phone is a webcam based SIP phone with a button (or more on other models) which are preset to dial a specific phone number. It includes relays etc. which enable remote door operation and so on.

Phone Details

Tested: VoIP version: 1.73 UDV version: 6.1

Feature Notes
Supports 302 Redirect ?
Tested on FireBrick SIP Server Yes
IPv6 Support No

SIP Parameters

Here are the settings used, in our case the username happens to be door, but if using AASIP then the username will be the full phone number.

Protalk Door Entry Phone
Setting Value
SIP proxy server Address: voiceless.aa.net.uk
port 5060
SIP registrar server Address voiceless.aa.net.uk
Port 5060
Outbound proxy Address voiceless.aa.net.uk
Port 5060
Account module Name Your Number
Password Your SIP Password
Auth. Id Your Number
Expiration [sec] 600
Use (180 Ringing) Selected
Enable Simmetric RTP Unticked


Then, under the Memory Numbers page, you set the number that the phone will dial when the button is pressed - it's best for this to be a Number that rings a group of other numbers.

Firewall & Security

  • You will also want to set up firewall rules, as per the VoIP Firewall page.
  • Also see the VoIP Security page for information about securing your VoIP service.