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Snom710.png The Snom 7xx Series includes the 710, 720 and 760. The hardware features across the range varies across the models, but the configuration is very similar.

Phones and Versions Tested

Snom 7xx Versions Tested
Model Version Notes
710 Supports LLD
710 Supports LLD
710 Supports LLD, IPv6
710 Supports LLD, IPv6
710 Supports LLD, IPv6
710 Supports LLD, IPv6
710 Supports LLD, IPv6

Feature Notes

Feature Notes
Supports 302 Redirect ?
Tested on FireBrick SIP Server Yes
IPv6 Support Yes, see Snom Wiki


These are very similar to the Snom 3xx Series. Apart from the 'Identity' settings, no additional configuration is required.

See: SNOM Find IP Address if you're unsure how to access the web interface.

Snom 7xx Identity Settings
Setting Value
Identity active on
Account Your Number
Registrar voiceless.aa.net.uk
Outbound Proxy Leave Blank
Authentication Name Your Number
Password Your Password
Optional: Call Waiting Disable
Optional: Use Outbound (Helps with transferring, see notes below) Enable

Example XML Configuration

Here we have an example configuration:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<phone-settings e="2">
<language perm="">English(UK)</language>
<timezone perm="">GBR-0</timezone>
<utc_offset perm="">0</utc_offset>
<tone_scheme perm="">GBR</tone_scheme>
<date_us_format perm="">off</date_us_format>
<time_24_format perm="">off</time_24_format>
<dhcp perm="">on</dhcp>
<ip_adr perm=""></ip_adr>
<netmask perm=""></netmask>
<gateway perm=""></gateway>
<dns_server1 perm=""></dns_server1>
<dns_server2 perm=""></dns_server2>
<ntp_server perm=""></ntp_server>
<http_user perm="">USER</http_user>
<http_pass perm="">1234</http_pass>
<admin_mode_password perm="">1234</admin_mode_password>
<setting_server perm="">https://snom.provu.co.uk/snom710.php?mac={mac}</setting_server>
<update_policy perm="">never_update</update_policy>
<settings_refresh_timer perm="">0</settings_refresh_timer>
<pnp_config perm="">off</pnp_config>
<use_hidden_tags perm="">on</use_hidden_tags>
<active_line perm="">1</active_line>
<user_active idx="1" perm="">on</user_active>
<user_active idx="2" perm="">off</user_active>
<user_active idx="3" perm="">off</user_active>
<user_active idx="4" perm="">off</user_active>
<user_realname idx="1" perm="">+441234567890</user_realname>
<user_name idx="1" perm="">+441234567890</user_name>
<user_host idx="1" perm="">voiceless.aa.net.uk</user_host>
<user_pass idx="1" perm="">secret</user_pass>

Other Useful Settings

  • Turn off Call Waiting (default is ON) in: Advanced -> Audio -> Call Waiting Indication
  • Turn off US date format in: Preferences
  • Turn off Advertisement in: Preferences
  • Don't forget to set the HTTP and ADMIN passwords for security.
  • We have a page about SNOM Firmware Updates.
  • We've had occasional reports of call transfers failing. If this happens it's worth trying the "use outbound" setting from Advanced - SIP/RTP (Tab) - SIP(Section): Use Outbound. See the Snom documentation for more information.

XML Permission Flags

Flags are defined as "permission flags" in the string "perm" within XML tags. Valid values are:

perm="!": The configuration parameter can be changed by the user. However the parameter value will only be stored if that parameter has not been changed yet by the user.
perm="R" or perm=" ": The configuration parameter becomes write-protected (read only).
perm="RW" or perm="": The configuration parameter can be changed but will be overwritten on reboot.


Firewall & Security

  • You will also want to set up firewall rules, as per the VoIP Firewall page.
  • Also see the VoIP Security page for information about securing your VoIP service.